GP Trainees and Medical Students

GP Trainees

The practice is a training practice for GP Trainees; Dr Mark Thompson is the GP trainer and will indirectly supervise the trainees’ surgeries.

A GP Speciality Trainee (GPST) is a fully qualified doctor, typically with several years’ hospital experience, who is preparing to enter general practice by working in a practice before moving on to a permanent post.

An essential component of training within our GP Training Practice is the use of video and joint consultations. We hope that all our patients will be willing to take part in these educational surgeries to help us all in improving and maintaining our medical and consultation skills.

All Patients will be asked to fill out and sign a patient consent form for Video/Digital Recording before and after their consultation. This will only be done with the patient’s prior consent and they have the right to decline. All video recordings are strictly confidential.

Medical Students

The practice also trains and teaches undergraduate medical students from Glasgow University throughout the year. You will be informed if a student is going to be present during your consultation, you can decline if you wish, please let the GP or nurse know before the consultation begins.